Martin's Point Yacht Club

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John Hearne, Commodore

All Martin's Point residents are invited to join the Martin's Point Yacht Club. You do not have to own a boat to be a member. The club exists for the enjoyment of its members and focuses on boating, kayaking and social activities. The club is a great way to make new friends and renew old friendships. Come join us! Annual dues are $25 for single person households, $50 for families and are due in January.

You can click here for the membership form and join by mail


The objectives of the Martin’s Point Yacht Club are to:

  • Encourage recreational boating
  • Promote seamanship, piloting, navigation and water safety
  • Organize boating activities for members
  • Sponsor group social and boating activities
  • Encourage and promote liason between members and other regional boating organizations

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2018 Martin's Point Yacht Club Calendar of Events
              • Coordinate with Todd Warlitner if you do not have a boat and want to go on the Power boat trips.  There is always room in someone's boat!

                • Jan. 19      Hail & Farewell @ Coastal Provisions 
                • April 6        Dining Out @ Duck Woods Country Club
                • May 6        Cinco de Mayo Party @ the marina pavilion
                • May 27      Sailboat - Demo Day @ the Middle Pond
                • May 27      Raft Up
                • June 2       Power Boat @ the Dare Day Festival, Manteo 
                • June 12     Kayak Paddle
                • June 17     Sailboat Races @ the Middle Pond
                • June 24     Weekend Kayak Paddle & Picnic @ the marina pavilion
                • July 1         Independence Day Party @ the marina pavilion
                • July 10       Kayak Paddle
                • July 14       Powerboat Trip to Coinjock for lunch
                • July 15       Sailboat Races @ the Middle Pond
                • July 27       Raft Up
                • Aug. 7        Kayak Paddle
                • Aug. 19      Sailboat Races @ the Middle Pond
                • Aug. 25      Power Boat 
                • Aug. 26      Weekend Kayak Paddle and Picnic @ the marina pavilion
                • Sept. 2       Labor Day Party @ the marina pavilion 
                • Sept. 9       Powerboat Trip to Duck for lunch
                • Sept. 11     Kayak Paddle 
                • Sept. 16     Doc Waters Sailboat Championship @ the middle pond
                • Oct. TBD    Overnight Kayak Trip
                • Oct. 28       Halloween Party @ the marina pavilion
                • Dec. 8        Holiday Flotilla and Stay Warm Party @ the marina pavilion

2018 Martin's Point Yacht Club Board

Front row: Stacey Starsman, Barb Withycombe, Janie Serbousek, Karen Stalls
Back row: Tim, Baker, Todd Warlitner, John Hearne
Inserts: Mary Ann Palmer and Rob Beadling

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