Marina Rules and Information

Message from the Marina Committee:  Martin’s Point Marina is a wonderful asset for our community and it is integrated into the community for the enjoyment of all.  Whether you want to take a stroll by the water, enjoy a picnic with family and friends or go to Duck for lunch in your boat, the Marina is an excellent facility for all these activities.  I want to recognize and thank all of the former Marina Chairpersons and volunteers for their work in maintaining and enhancing the marina.  If you are interested in volunteering for any of these projects, please contact Tim Baker, Marina Chair, see email below.

Tim Baker,



Marina Regulations and Guidelines: 
Please adhere to these so that all can maximize enjoyment of the marina safely. 
Thank you for your cooperation!

Use of the Marina and Other Common Areas 

  1. Every boat at the marina or other common area must have a current state registration sticker, if required by law to operate on State waters.
  2. Every boat and trailer at the marina or other common area must have a current Martin’s Point sticker, or in the case of guests, a note indicating the name of the Martin’s Point property owner.
  3. Every boat, kayak, etc. must be stored on a trailer. Nothing may be left on the ground.
  4. No boat that is inoperable may be left at the marina or other common area for more than 30 days or in a pier slip for more than 15 days.
  5. No boat that has not been operated within a 12 month period may be parked at the marina or the postal area.
  6. Owners are responsible for damages caused by their boats.
  7. Do not park vehicles where they block access to boats or trailers. Be sure to tell your guests.

Trailer Parking and Storage

  1. Boats should be kept at the south end of the marina within the vegetative buffer, if space is available. The north parking area is intended for empty trailers only.
  2. If you park a trailer at the marina, do not leave any blocks in the grass where they may be run over or where they interfere with grass cutting.
  3. Boats and trailers should be parked so that they are facing north – south, and so that they do not block the views of the property owners across the street.
  4. If your boat trailer is going to sit empty for a long time, please store it at the postal lot.
  5. In an effort to effectively manage trailer storage on the common areas, the Association reserves the right to move boats or trailers within the common areas.

Pier Slips 

  1. 8 slips are set aside for reservation, and 1 slip is set aside for the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Check the bulletin board by the boat ramp to see which pier slips are reserved. Contact the marina chairman for more information.
  2. The length of time that a free community boat slip may be occupied by the same boat or the same owner is limited to 7 consecutive days and no more than 14 days total in any year.
  3. Ensure that all dock lines are removed from pilings, cleats and the dock when the vessel leaves the marina on a permanent basis or at the end of the boating season.
  4. If you leave dock lines on one of the free community pier slips, they become available for others to use, or they may be removed and disposed of by the Association.

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

  1. If a Storm Warning is issued for this area, owners must remove boats from the pier.
  2. A west wind in excess of 30 mph has the capacity to flood the marina. Owners must remove boats ahead of time. If a tropical storm or hurricane passes nearby to the west, the marina area will rapidly flood causing boats and other items to float.

Trailers at Postal Area 

Do not park trailers where they block access to the electrical transmission tower or the gate in the fence. Dominion/NC Power has a 75 foot wide easement along the transmission lines. They are allowing us to park empty trailers in this area as long as they are not within 35 feet of the transmission tower and as long as they don’t block access. Any trailers in violation are subject to immediate removal, regardless of damages.

Notice to Boat Owners

Those boats and trailers, parked at the Marina or Postal parking areas that, appear to be inoperable, do not have a current state registration sticker or license, do not have current Martin’s Point stickers or have not been used within the past 12 months are not in compliance with the Martin’s Point Regulations.  Owners of boats and trailers that fit the above description can expect to receive a letter from the Homeowners Association requiring them to immediately remove their boats and trailers from the Marina or Postal Parking areas. Owners may store their boats and trailers on their lot in accordance with the Martin’s Point Regulations.  If you receive such a letter and do not remove your boat(s) & trailer(s) in compliance with the letter, the Homeowners Association may have your boats and trailers removed to an impound lot at your expense.  Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

We are very fortunate in our community to have a marina. At the same time, we want to maintain a green area for all of the residents to enjoy, and we want to protect the rights of the residents who live around the marina and who have to look at this area everyday. To that extent, we have passed Regulations over the years to ensure that this area is used as a marina and not a storage yard for vessels which are not used, which are not operational, or which are not legally allowed on the water.

To request boat and/or trailer stickers please complete the form
below and send to 
Seaside Management, or by fax to 252-261-1224


2021 Vehicle/Boat Sticker Form 
Vessel identification stickers are also available for canoes, kayaks and rowboats.

To reserve a Boat Slip click here and fill out the form.
Please send completed forms, along with a $600 check made payable to Martin's Point HOA, to Seaside Management.  


Even EXPERIENCED Boaters Need a Vessel Safety Check!

The most experienced boaters can sometimes encounter unexpected problems on the water. That’s why the U.S. Coast Guard recommends that all recreational boaters, including personal watercraft and paddle sport users, take advantage of the free Vessel Safety Check (VSC) program every year. A certified Vessel Examiner will perform the courtesy VSC on your boat. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes depending upon the size of your boat. VHF radio training is also offered.

How do I get my vessel safety check?

Tim Baker will be conducting vessel safety checks by appointment either at the marina or the boat owner's home. You may reach Tim at 252-722-3821 or

What’s in it for me?

Boats that pass the examination are awarded a distinctive VSC Decal that alerts the Coast Guard, Wildlife and other law enforcement agencies that your boat was found to be in full compliance with all Federal and State boating laws. Frequently, such agencies will not detain or board boats displaying a current-year decal that are otherwise operating safely.

What if I don’t pass?

If your boat doesn’t pass, no report is filed. Instead, you are provided a written report that aids you in correcting any discrepancies noted. Often, a quick trip to West Marine or Walmart is all that is necessary to obtain missing safety items and easily pass a re-inspection. USCG Auxiliary certified Vessel Examiners are ready to assist you in making sure your boat has all the safety equipment required by law plus other recommended items.



Please use caution! – Shoaling in the Channel

Heavy shoaling has developed in the channel in an area near marker number 7. It has been reported that the water level is two feet or less in an area from the number 7 marker to about 20 feet south of the marker. (Reported January 2014)



    April 10 Private Event   4:30pm - 6:00pm

    April 13    Private Event   11:30am - 1:30pm

    April 28    Coast Guard Aux. 6:00 pm

    May 8      Yacht Club

    May 18     Private Event 4pm - 7pm

    May 26    Coast Guard Aux. 6:00 pm

    July 10     Yacht Club

    July 18      Private Event 3pm -10pm
    Aug 07 Private Event Sept 1 Private Event 3:30 - 9pm

    Sept 3      Private Event 5pm - 10pm

    Sept 4      Yacht Club 3pm - 9pm

    Oct 23    Coast Guard Aux 11am-3pm

    Oct 30      Yacht Club 4pm-8pm

All dates are subject to change without notice. Click here for pavilion reservation form.

Please contact Seaside Management at
or 252-261-1200 to reserve the pavilion.