President's Message


Thank you to the many owners that attended, or submitted a proxy for the annual meeting last weekend.  We appreciate the comments, thoughts, and input from all. 

 Following are the results of the votes held at the meeting:

--Election:  Joe Staten, Gregg Nigro and Shelly Jones were all re-elected to the board.  Nina Foster withdrew her nomination.  All three will serve three-year terms.  At the December board meeting, the board will appoint officers and committee chairs for 2020.

--2020 Budget:  This was overwhelmingly approved.  The assessment stays the same, at $975/lot, and invoices will be mailed within the next two weeks.

--Stormwater Improvements Special Assessment:  The results were approximately 37% for, and 63% against, so this vote failed to garner the 2/3 approval needed to pass.  The board will continue to investigate potential options to address the issues and appreciates the owners' suggestions made at the meeting.

Best wishes for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

JUNE 2019

Dear Neighbors:

At the 2018 Annual Meeting the BOD discussed the need to maintain Martin's Point infrastructure including dredging the ponds to stabilize the banks and protect the common property from erosion.  The Board communicated that significant erosion quickly occurred especially in the pond closest to the marina putting a section of Martin's Point Road in jeopardy.  The project was approved and subsequent to the Annual Meeting, several homeowners experiencing embankment loss on their property in the most effected area petitioned the BOD to piggyback the project at their own expense.  The BOD agreed to their request.  

The work was scheduled to begin in March but was delayed by the contractor until now.  The contractor was chosen based on the unique equipment required for the job (a long reach excavator).  The excavator is dredging the ponds and placing the material on the banks of the common property to dry and stage it for re-building the embankment.  The project may also have an added benefit of improving storm water management.  We apologize for the temporary aesthetic setback but appreciate your patience and understanding as we maintain the neighborhood infrastructure.  Rest assured that re-beautification is coming!

Also as an update, the storm water related improvement projects including the culvert, berm, pipe replacement and new pipe installations have all been complete  including the asphalt road patches.  Based on the better than expected condition of the pipe running to/from the pond and sound, we were also able to install a "cut-off valve" at the large mid-neighborhood pond to prevent inflow of storm water sound surge into the pond which historically has attributed to some of our interior flooding.   The cut-off valve was planned if the condition of the pipe allowed for the connection.  We are very pleased we were able to make this improvement and if successful, similar functionality will be considered for a future project at the marina pond and creek in/outflow.

We have been informed by the county that the state will continue to allow them to use its emergency storm water pumping procedures so communities negatively impacted by major storms can obtain permits to pump storm water surge back into the sound.  You may recall in the last major storm, the county's request for pumping via the new plan received approval by the state and greatly assisted us in recovery efforts.  The pumping was very economical and effective for our community.  We are pleased to learn that the process will continue to be available to us in the future and that coupled with our own storm water improvements made from observing the prior storm, will result in even better prevention and quicker recovery.  The BOD will continually strive to take effective, economical and prudent measures regarding this serious and difficult matter.  

On to the fun stuff!  The BOD on behalf of the kids, parents and grandparents of Martin's Point would like to thank Sam Cortez for his assistance in researching commercial quality, safe playground equipment to replace the previous set at the end of its economic life.  We really upped our game at the marina and extended the life of the existing set at the post office area and the result is as uplifting to watch as the kids feel swinging "as high as the sky."  Please remember to take an opportunity to enjoy the new equipment with your family like so many others have already!


Joe Staten, President MPHOA



Hello, I hope you are all well and enjoying summer on the Outer Banks! I just wanted to take a moment
to update you on what has been happening in our Martin's Point community.

In Review:

  • The chipping access area has been improved and stabilized.
  • The Board, with the assistance of Seaside Management, installed additional speed limit signs throughout the community. We are hopeful that the signs will remind motorists to watch their speed and improve safety. Special thanks to Denice Tappero for spearheading the effort.
  • The Annual Yard Sale and Community Picnic were a huge success. We enjoyed the picnic which was catered by Nixon's BBQ and the live music was great! We just dodged the rain, again! That makes two years in a row! Thanks Shelly Jones for co-coordinating the weather with Mother Nature and making the event so enjoyable! Special thanks also to Stephen Jones and others for assisting with the set up and break down of furniture and equipment.
  • Storm water culvert cleaning and repairs... We were scheduled to prepare the study and scope of work when we received the deluge of rain which has hampered our efforts. Delays continue due to continued rainwater blocking the view of the pipes! The Board has rescheduled its effort to determine the scope of work for this coming week and will keep you posted.
  • It's hard to fight Mother Nature and it does take time to obtain permission for Storm Water Pumping. Please know that the BOD worked diligently with Seaside Management and the County to obtain permission to pump as soon as it was possible in early August. With the unusually large amount of rain coupled with the south winds raising the water table, we requested emergency storm water pumping. We were able to obtain a 72 hour permit which resulted in temporary road closures. Prior to permit approval the Board and Seaside monitored the situation closely with County officials to ensure we met the State requirements. As soon as the requirements were met, the request for emergency pumping was submitted. The County took our request with the pumping plan to the State of NC which approved Dare County's request. Part of the pumping required daily monitoring and testing of discharge samples. Martin's Point owes a debt of gratitude to every organization and individual involved. Special thanks to County employees Donna Creef and Bobby Outten, NC Forestry service personnel and Southern Shores VFD. We also could not have pumped without the permission of our new neighbors Deborah and David Olson who allowed the water hoses to cross their lot from the small pond to discharge the water into the sound. During this event we also contracted a smaller pump to move water so it would flow naturally to one of the bigger ponds to discharge as designed. Thank you John Finelli for spending a lot of your personal time manning this pump. We learned a lot from this event and were able to document problem areas which will help us be even more prepared for the next event.

Current Events:

Some disappointing news to share - the BOD received a letter from our recycling vendor that they would no longer provide recycling services and would convert our services to trash removal. Fortunately, in the terms and conditions of the contract we struck out language that would have given them the ability to unilaterally change our service. As many of you are aware we pay for sanitation services via our property tax bill so this change would have become a redundant expense for the same service. While the BOD and many residents support the concept of recycling, apparently recycling services are in jeopardy. China recently curtailed accepting recyclable materials which has left many companies with nowhere to send the material for processing. I have asked Seaside to attach the letter from the vendor as well as an article about the issue. In light of the recent developments the Board voted and was successful in terminating the "would-be" new trash contract. We will monitor future developments for any changes that would make recycling services available and economically viable for the community. In the meantime for residents wanting to continue to recycle we understand the following options still exist:
  • These 2 centers accept the following materials from Martin's Point residents: recyclable plastics, aluminum cans, steel cans, paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, scrap metal items, electronics, and white goods (i.e. appliances), as well as used motor/hydraulic oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, vegetable oil, and batteries.
  • The Kitty Hawk/Dare County Recycling Center, 4190 Bob Perry Rd, adjacent to the Dare County Boat Ramp, is open to any Dare County resident. The center is 2.5 miles from our entry if you go by Woods Road or 2 miles from Hwy 158 if you drive down Kitty Hawk Road. Hours of Operation: 8 am-3 pm Monday-Friday except Wednesdays and 8 am - noon on Saturday.
  • Kill Devil Hills Recycling Center, 701 Bermuda Bay Blvd, off of Collington Road, only one-half mile from Hwy 158. Hours of Operation: 8 am -4 pm Monday-Friday and 8 am - 2 pm on Saturday.

We still have marina boat slips available for residents to rent. The slip fees are very reasonable
and will be prorated for the remainder of the year. If you are interested please contact Seaside

Calling all green thumbs! The Board kicked off the Martin's Point Yard of the Month landscaping
award for residents who have "aesthetically appealing" yards as a positive and fun way to make
the community even more beautiful. July was the first winner! Congratulations to the
Carlomagno Residence at 4041 Martin's Point Road. The contest was suspended in August due
to weather conditions but the committee has made an early selection of the McMahon
Residence at 7040 Currituck Road for September. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for
your efforts to make your properties pleasing to all! There is plenty of time so get out there and
land the sign in your front yard! The result is a beautiful yard to enjoy and bragging rights fun to
boot! Special thanks to Shelly Jones, Sam Cortez, Tracy Ryder, Denlce Tappero and Michelle
Staten for canvassing the neighborhood and making the difficult decisions!

Friendly Reminders:

  • We are fortunate to live in a gated community which provides a more secure and safe atmosphere. However residents are always encouraged to remain diligent and take prudent measures with regard to safety, real and personal property including securing valuables and locking doors. Any emergencies should be reported using 911 and non-emergency concerns reported to the gate attendants and/or the management company.
  • There is a restriction on the size of real estate signs and other types of signs are prohibited per our Declaration of Covenants. If your home is for sale, please ask your real estate broker to follow the size requirements outlined in the covenants which usually prohibit name/message riders above and below the main body of sign. Adherence to the sign rules will balance the positive effect of awareness without the negative of excessive use. Thanks to all the Real Estate Brokers that brought their signs into compliance, we greatly appreciate it!
  • Please help keep the chipping area free from root balls and non-tree/branch related yard debris. Yard debris and other "non-chippable" waste should be disposed of in the regular trash dumpsters.
  • Please watch for children at play, walkers, runners and bike riders! Please drive at a safe speed. If you have any suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 252-982-6136.


Joe Staten
President Martin's Point HOA

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