Architectural Control Committee
The Martin's Point Homeowners' Association desires to provide for the preservation of the values of the community with respect to improvements including existing homes as well as construction of future new homes on the lots.  To that end, the association's governing documents establish an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) in order to provide and maintain certain standards as to harmony of external design and location in relating to surrounding structures and/or topography.

The ACC is composed of three or more members, appointed by the Board of Directors.  The ACC has prepared Construction Guidelines (below), approved by the Board of Directors, to assist owners prior to any lot disturbance; new construction; or any alterations, improvements or additions to existing homes or property.  Plans must be submitted to and approved by the committee before commencing any work as outlined in the guidelines.  Additional specific guidelines are found in the Declaration of Covenants (below). 

No exterior modifications, changes, additions, renovations, etc. to the home or property may be done without prior committee approval.  

Generally, no notification or approval is required for homeowners performing minor repairs on previously approved houses, driveways, fences, etc. However, for repair projects that require heavy equipment the homeowner must notify the ACC ahead of time so that the ACC can verify that the work is a repair and not new construction and notify the gate house regarding the entry of construction vehicles.  A security deposit will be required if there is a potential for damage to the common areas.

In Martin's Point, no structure of any type shall be erected other than one single-family residential dwelling plus accessory building(s) and structures (such as storage/potting sheds, bulkheads, bridges, docks, fences, gazebos, swimming pools or tennis courts) for the private use of the occupant.  Residential dwellings must be constructed prior to, or simultaneously with, any accessory structure.

The colors used on home exteriors are a dominant visual element and a major expression of the overall theme of the community.  It is an objective within Martin's Point to ensure these exterior colors blend with the natural environment and not stand out in stark contrast.  Consequently, only subtle color selections should be used.  Color samples must be submitted with construction plans.

Martin's Point is a beautifully wooded area and contains many trees and shrubs that are native to a Maritime Forest.  We must work together to preserve and maintain this natural resource that not only provides beauty, shade, and privacy, but also homes for birds and other wildlife as well as a barrier from the winds generated by hurricanes and northeasters.  Recognizing these facts, the developers of Martin's Point put a requirement in the Declaration of Covenants which states that "the plan for cutting trees on the Lots shall be submitted in writing and approved by the Association."  Plans submitted to the ACC for review and approval will not be approved without a tree removal plan as part of the review package.

The cutting down of any trees (living, dead, diseased or dying) with a trunk diameter of 4" or greater (as measured at a height of 6 feet) requires prior written approval.  This requirement applies in all cases, not just new construction.  The lone exception is a tree that presents an immediate threat to the owners' or neighbor's property or a roadway.

Architectural Control Committee
Denice Tappero, Chairman
Dave Stormont
John Finelli
Matt Tappero

Construction Guidelines (revised 04-10-18)
Declaration of Covenants
ACC Application